Welcome to Stu Dub Club-We buy,sell,rent,service Vintage Cameras & Lenses

Welcome to Stu Dub Club-We buy,sell,rent,service Vintage Cameras & Lenses

Welcome to Stu Dub Club-We buy,sell,rent,service Vintage Cameras & Lenses Welcome to Stu Dub Club-We buy,sell,rent,service Vintage Cameras & Lenses Welcome to Stu Dub Club-We buy,sell,rent,service Vintage Cameras & Lenses

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Current & Vintage Cinema Lens Service

Professional Tripod Service and Repairs now available thru Stu Dub Club

Professional Tripod Service and Repairs now available thru Stu Dub Club

Stu Dub Club now offers professional Hollywood cinema lens service. Primes, zooms, Angenieux, Cooke, and many others with reasonable rates and a quick turnaround! 

Contact Stu to schedule your service now. 

 ***NOTE - Certain repairs are subject to part availability.  Some parts can be fabricated in our machine shop.   

Professional Tripod Service and Repairs now available thru Stu Dub Club

Professional Tripod Service and Repairs now available thru Stu Dub Club

Professional Tripod Service and Repairs now available thru Stu Dub Club

Now available: Professional tripod service and repair. We work on all vintages of tripods and legs. O'Connor, Sachtler, Miller, Ronford, Cartoni, Davis, and many more. Contact Stu for to schedule your service or repair today.  ***NOTE - Certain repairs are subject to part availability.  Some parts can be fabricated in our machine shop. 

Full CNC Machine Shop

Professional Tripod Service and Repairs now available thru Stu Dub Club

Full CNC Machine Shop

 Stu Dub Club can now offer custom and extended runs with our affiliate machine shop in Glendale Ca. 

Services available:

Precision Machining

CNC Milling / Turning


Mold & Die

Rush service


Short Runs & Production Runs

Contact Stu for details. 

***Prices are quoted per job. 

Now Available for Rental in LA

Aivascope 1.5x Anamorphic Lens Kit

 New Aivascope 1.5x front anamorphic lens attachment for full frame cameras. This attachment provides a single solution focus to the filmmaker on a budget. Set your taking lens on infinity and focus with the Aivascope lens. Now shoot beautiful, sharp, cinematic, anamorphic pictures or videos with this simple set up. This lens kit comes with a set of 1970's vintage Minolta primes that provide sharp, colorful images when paired with the Aivascope 1.5x lens.  NOTE - This anamorphic attachment produces orange flairs and other rainbow colors that reflect all the elements and groups in the lenses. With the Sony A7 series full frame widest coverage w/out vignetting starts at 45mm. The close focus w/out diopters is about 2 feet.  Weight: Aivascope 1.5 LB Construction: Metal Body Front 82mm Threads 180 degree throw for critical focus Focus Gear - 0.8 pitch Kit Includes F & R caps for all lenses PLUS: 1 - Aivascope 1.5x Anamorphic Lens 1 - 49mm - 55mm Step Ring (45mm) 1 - 52mm - 55mm Step Ring (57mm & 100mm) 1 - Minolta 45mm F2 (1978) 1 - Minolta 57mm F1.4 (1972) 1 - Minolta 100mm F2.8 (1972) 1 - Minolta to Sony E Mt Adapter 1 - Series 9 Clear Filter 1 - Series 9 Diopter +1 1 - Series 9 Diopter +2 1 - Adpt 82mm-Ser 9, 3 Ser 9 Ret Rings, 1 Ser 9 Rubber Shade 1 - Hard Case. For a full review of this lens please see: http://bit.ly/Aivascope ***If you are only interested in renting the Aivascope attachment to use with your own taking lenses, please contact me for details. 




Zeiss Zebra Medium Format Lenses

50mm f4 Flektogon-wide open at f4

50mm f4 Flektogon-wide open at f4



 Zeiss Zebra medium format lenses - Can they provide the look and style for your next show ? 

What I really admire about these vintage 1960's Carl Zeiss Jena zebra style medium format PL mount primes is that they have a unique character that leaves distinctive, signature imagery. When light passes through these classic lenses the pictures and color rendition is quite remarkable. This set has a true cinema focus rack, close to 280 degrees, with no noticeable heavy breathing characteristics and a extremely cinematic film look that produces bokeh like no other. Zeiss zebra MF primes were manufactured in Germany between 1963 to 1967. Set consists of: 35mm/2.8 Flektagon  (35mm Format/Full Frame),  50mm/4 Flektogon, 80mm/2.8 Biometar, 120mm/2.8 Biometar, 180mm/2.8 Sonnar.

All lenses in this set have de clicked iris, FF gears installed. 


Here is an interesting link about these lenses. Happy Lensing!

 Using Zeiss Medium Format Lenses on Modern Cameras  

50mm f4 Flektogon-wide open at f4

50mm f4 Flektogon-wide open at f4

50mm f4 Flektogon-wide open at f4


 When you look at the speeds of these lenses, they seem slow, but do not be fooled, because of the huge diameter, they are almost twice as fast as the numbers suggest. 

50mm f1.4 Nikon-wide open at f1.4

50mm f4 Flektogon-wide open at f4

50mm f1.4 Nikon-wide open at f1.4


 You can see in this comparison between the 50mm/4 Flektogon and a 50mm 1.4 Nikon (both shot at wide open). Very similar 

About Us


Use Vintage Glass on Today's Modern Digital Cameras

Greetings to All,

Stu Dub here. Welcome to my world of photography. I am an active professional photographer, who also happens to be a camera and lens gear lover. My goal here is to guide you through the assorted maze of photographic equipment and how to set you apart from the rest..

What is this lens? Will it work on my new digital camera? 

I have 40 plus years of working with all types of professional cameras and lenses in Hollywood, Ca. 

Still, motion, film, digital, video, 3D, anamorphic, medium and large formats. I am looking to buy vintage photo and cinema lenses, as well as certain types of cinema equipment.

If you have any items you want to move out, or know of any gear available please contact me..If you are looking for something special, let me know, and I may be able to locate it. Same goes for service/repair on vintage cameras, lenses and tripods. Please visit my facebook page : 



UPDATE***Next Pasadena Camera Show - Sunday March 15th from 10am - 3pm

Come on out and see our vast array of vintage photographic and cinema equipment we have for sale. Cameras, lenses, filters, lens adapters, and other AKS.. I will have some Cyrillic lenses from the 1950's, 60's, 70's, 80's available. Limited quantities. 

HIGHLIGHTS  OF NEW INVENTORY! Fresh! Limited Quantities!!

Lenses from all over the world

Europe, Asia, America, USSR,

Wide, Medium and Long

Analog Spherical and Anamorphic

Still and Cinema Glass

From $20.00 and up

1980's 37mm f2.8 MIR - M42

1980's USSR 85mm f2 Jupiter 9 - Super clean!!

(1 in Inventory for this show!)

 Stu Dub's 1990's USSR 50mm f1.2 (NO IRIS BLADES!)Projector Lens mounted in fully working Helicoids - will reach infinity! (I have 1 for this show)

1980's USSR Industar 28mm f2.8 Pancake L39 mount Lenses

1980's USSR Industar 50mm f3.5 Pancake M42 mount Lenses

(Great for low profile/ street shooting / very sharp stopped down)

All lenses come with F & R Caps!

And much much more...

Cinema Lenses:

1 - Bausch & Lomb 50mm t2.5 Baltar in Mitchell NC Mount - NO IRIS BLADES! Art lens +++. Adapts easily to mirror less cameras.  Covers full frame... 

1 - Bausch & Lomb 20mm t2.7 Baltar in Mitchell 16NC Mount -  Adapts easily to MFT cameras. Very cinematic. Perfect for the new BMPC4K..

1 - 1970's Angenieux 9.5-57 t1.9 w/ Chroziel fluid zoom dampner - Arri B mount. 

1 - 1970's Angenieux 12-120mm t2.2 Arri St mount

1 - 10mm f1.8 Schneider Kreuznach Cinegon  C Mount - (Factory product)

1 - 26mm f1.9 Bolex Pizar C Mount 

1 - Angenieux Prime Set of 4 C Mount Zebra Primes from the early 1950's:

9.5mm f2.2 Type R3, 12.5mm f2.2 Type R4, 25mm f1.4 Type S41, 75mm f2.5 Type P3 

1 - Bell & Howell Anamorphic Projector lens 2x Squeeze - Like new!

All recently serviced - Very cinematic.


 16mm and Super 8 Cameras from the 1950's-1970's

Lens mount adapters, Lens Shades 

 49, 52, & 55mm Screw on Filters - Clean - Used.

 49, 52, & 55mm and Misc Lens caps Front and rear - used

1956 Kodak Stereo 3D Camera - Very Clean - Works Great.

1956 Stereo Realist Camera

1954 Stereo Revere Camera - Very Rare! w/Case

other Misc 3D

Pasadena Camera Show

Pasadena Elks Lodge

400 W. Colorado Blvd

$3.00 admission - Free Parking

  Most lenses are in +8-9 condition. Fairly priced based on today's current market values. 



Stu Dub Club opens Rental Dept on Sharegrid LA

Please check out my listings for rentals at: 


Veydra 1.2 Expander for Vintage 35mm zoom lenses on today's modern digital cinema cameras. See info below.

Camera: Canon C300 PL Camera package-Super 35, w/ Media, Power, Clamshell, Handle, Grip and a hard or soft travel case. 

Lenses: Carl Zeiss Jena Zebra Set - Medium Format from the mid 1960's  Set includes: 35mm Flectagon F2.8 (35mm Format/Full Frame), 50mm F4 Flectagon, 80mm F2.8 Biometer, 120mm F2.8 Biometer and the monster bokeh buster 180mm F2.8 Sonnar (7 Iris blades) All 5 lenses have recently been serviced/overhauled by factory trained Zeiss technicians . De-clicked, and follow focus gears installed. These lenses have an amazing cinematic look on today's modern sensors. Medium format will cover full frame up to 6K. PL mount. Here is a cool link to why you should use these lenses on your next project.

 Using Zeiss Medium Format Lenses on Modern Cameras 

Also for rental:

Pentax Super Takumar 6x7 Medium Format Lens set from 1969. Single coated lenses that have wonderful character and will add a unique look to your special project. Recently serviced, De-clicked, and  follow focus gears installed. Set includes:

55mm F3.5

75mm F4.5

105mm F2.4

150mm F2.8

200mm F4

This lens set is available in PL mount, Canon EF, and Sony E. The combination of Super 35 sensor and 1970's Medium Format glass truly looks film like. 

Also available: 1970's Angenieux 12mm-120mm zoom lenses, available in either Arri B mount, Canon EF, and MFT. Also available in C mount.

***On the Red Epic W @ 3K the 12-120 focal range becomes a 35-240mm F4-5.6.

Very reasonable rates. Sharegrid covers all Insurance and fees. They make it easy to rent..  

If you are looking for something specific, let me know, I may have access to it, or know where to locate it..


Laowa Ultra Wide Angle Primes Now Available Thru Stu Dub Club


Stu Dub Club is pleased to announce that we are now repping the new Laowa Ultra wide angle lens line that was debut at NAB 2018. Please click on link below for more info and to order your lenses now! Thanks, Stu Dub. Sony A7s Canon Nikon #wideanglelens #fullframe #macro #zerodistortion#laowa
Available now:
Full Frame Format:
12mm F2.8 - Mounts available: Canon, Nikon, Sony A, Sony E, Pentax K
Close to Zero Distortion
122 degree angle of view
16 Elements in 10 Groups
7 Aperture Blades
Close Focus 7"

15mm F2 - Sony E Mount
Close to Zero Distortion
110 degree angle of view
72mm threaded front for filter
Close Focus 6"

25mm F2.8 - Mounts available: Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony E, Pentax K
2.5-5x Macro!
Close Focus - Macro: 6.8" - 9.2"

Click this link:📷

Current Sales Information


Check out the Stu Dub Club Ebay Store

My store is now open on ebay.  New items being added daily. 


Stu Dub Club Brings Vintage 35mm Cinema Zooms back to life!


Veydra 1.2 Expander

So you bought a high-end cine zoom that worked great on every Super 35 format camera ever made. It worked great on your Red Epic 5K. But then Red started making sensors that didn’t conform to any industry standards. The Dragon 6K came out and all the sudden your beautiful zoom lens wasn’t able to cover the entire sensor which was just slightly larger than Super 35 format. The best solution was to use a tele-extender which would increase your focal length by 1.4x or 2x and you would lose at least 1.5 stops of light. It solved the coverage issue, but had some pretty serious drawbacks. But, what if there was a tool that didn’t increase the focal length by much and only lost a little bit of transmitted light?

Let’s look back a few years at a little start-up company called Veydra. After their success with the Mini Primes, there were a few other projects on the books. One of which was an extender that would effectively increase the image circle of a compatible lens while retaining a majority of the light and only increasing the focal length by 1.2x. Step forward to today and this product is now a reality. Red Dragon 6K w/ Veydra Expander and Optimo 24-290mm.

The Veydra 1.2x Expander. The expanded image circle is far more impressive and important than the minor focal length increase. Let’s go over some quick basics: An extender multiplies the focal length according to its design. Let’s use a 24mm lens for example. With a 2x extender, a 24mm lens will achieve a 48mm focal length. With a 1.4x extender, it will achieve a 34mm focal length. With the new Veydra 1.2x, that same 24mm lens will only jump to 29mm. This is a major benefit if you’re not looking to dramatically increase your focal length just to increase your image circle. 

The 24-290mm was only designed to cover proper Super 35 format which means that at the wide end of the zoom (24mm) you only have about 28mm of coverage to work with. That’s plenty of image circle to cover 4-Perf Super 35 – but clips into Mysterium-X 5K, and doesn’t come anywhere near covering the 6K frame of the Red Dragon.

Now let’s add the Veydra Expander into the mix and you see the difference immediately. The 24-290mm now covers well beyond the Dragon 6K frame. Even at the wide end of the zoom we are achieving a image circle of approximately 38mm. The change in the focal length (and more importantly – the field of view) is dramatically more favorable than a 1.4x or 2x extender. The result is simply a larger image circle that covers a larger format with minimal light loss and minor increase to FoV.

Now how about the image quality? Does that suffer during the “stretch”. Not really. The resolution remains high. 

The first lens I reached for during my tests was the Angenieux 24-290mm Optimo since it’s a staple of the film industry. The dang thing is over a decade old and they’re still one of the most desirable zoom lenses around. But what about other lenses? As with all rear-mounted adapters/modifiers, there are limitations. Most often a result of physical interference wherein the PL mount of the lens hits the inside of the modifier, or the glass/housing hits the inside of the modifier. In the case of the Veydra 1.2x Expander, it has similar limitations to other products on the market. During my research, I found that it works well with the following:

· Angenieux 24-290mm Optimo

· Angenieux 17-102mm

· Angenieux 25-250mm HR/HP

· Cooke 18-100mm

· Cooke 20-100mm

· Cooke 25-250mm MkII/MkIII

· Cooke 20-60mm

I’m sure there are plenty of other zooms out there that it’ll work with. It is really about the physical clearance of the rear elements of your zoom lens. 


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